Nintendo E3 Press Conference News

Nintendo was last up at bat, holding their press conference one day later then both Sony and Microsoft.  But last place is not a bad thing here as Nintendo had a lot of surprises to announce.

First the press event started by honoring Legend of Zelda for it’s 25th anniversary with a full chamber orchestra and a video of all Zelda games from past and present, including Skyward Sword.  The crowd erupted with cheer and I’m sure some fanboys also shed a tear.  Nintendo is great at making these press conferences feel more like a show then just a bunch of news.

Miyamotosan came out with his giddy smile to welcome everyone to the event.  And then came the onslaught of Zelda news.  First Link’s Awakening from the Game Boy Color will be available on the eShop (which is up now!).  Then there will be a free download of The Four Swords from Gameboy Advance for the DSi. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for 3DS will be coming out later this year.  Finally there will be Zelda music concerts around the world so the public can enjoy all the amazing music that has come from the series.  It was just one hit after another of Zelda news, plus don’t forget Skyward Sword.

Next came Iwatasan, who decided to hang the audience on the edges of their seats as he inched closer and closer to showing the new Nintendo system.  Instead though came a bunch of interesting teases for upcoming 3DS games. Mario 3DS (Working Title), Starfox, Kid Icarus, Luigi’s Mansion 2, and Mario Kart.  All heavy hitters in Nintendo’s library which would have been nice to have at least one on the 3DS at launch but show a promising future for the mobile system.

Then it was Reggie’s turn.  He started by giving more information about specific 3DS titles.  Mario Kart will feature new gameplay with hang-gliders and underwater jets, something that seems similar to the terrains in Diddy Kong Racing, but it all happens in a single race.  Next up was Starfox 64 3D which will offer traditional or motion controls for flying your fighter.  And online multiplayer in Starfox will feature real time video of your friends in game.  Hopefully your friends decide to play clothed.

Gameplay from Mario 3D was shown and it is apparent that it takes a lot of it’s quality from both Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario Galaxy.  The Raccoon or Tanooki suit was in game and Mario was seen fighting one of the Koopa Kids.  More was also seen from Kid Icarus: Uprising and the new game Luigi’s Mansion 2.

Since the new eShop is now available on the 3DS, you can now download a free copy of Excite Bike from the NES, playable in 3D.  More info was given about the eShop, but since it’s already available I’ll let you try it out for yourself.  There’s a lot to mess around with in there.

Iwata returned and this time with the news everyone was waiting to hear.  The new Nintendo console will be called the WiiU and will use a controller as seen above.  I best describe it like holding an iPad in landscape and adding controls on both the left and right.  With a built-in touch screen, camera, microphone, accelerometer, gyroscope, and speakers, it’s crazy to think this is just the controller for a console.

But all of this tech means that there are great possibilities for new and unique games to be made.  The screen can be used to mirror your TV game, create and additional window, or simply just play the entire game separate from your TV.

The exciting part was to hear that this will not just be a “kiddie console” this time around.  Developers have jumped on board with titles like Ninja Gaiden 3, Bioshock, Ghost Recon, Tekken and Darksiders 2, the last of which will be available at launch.  Unfortunately all of this news is mute since no price or launch date for the console has been announced yet.

Nintendo, I would say, had the most successful E3 press event based on crowd cheers alone.  The amount they have planned for the future console will open the doors again where the original DS did years ago.  I would give their conference an A.

Written by Bryan

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  1. Ergo-D says:

    Looks like there will be hope for Nintendo in the future. I’m glad they grew up.

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