Why The PS Vita Launch May Be The Best Console Launch Ever

Some of you may already have Sony’s shiny new handheld in your hands right now.  While others may be holding out for the official launch day and the substantially better Vita bundle on Feb 22nd.  Either way, many gamers are trying to figure out what games to pick up to show off their powerful new handheld.

Certainly Sony has put a lot of effort into having some big names at launch; Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Wipeout 2048, and Lumines: Electronic Symphony to name a few.  But what makes me even more excited is the offering of digital only titles.

Escape Plan by Fun Bit Interactive looks to make great use of the two touch screens as well as offering an art style that stands out from all the other launch titles.  Certainly not the first game designed entirely in black and white, it fits this puzzler well and doesn’t feel like a ‘me too’ move.  Being a ‘download only’ title gives it a lower price point too at $15.

Super Stardust Delta by Housemarque takes everything great from the PS3 version of the game and finally makes a proper twin-stick shooter for a portable console.  Super Stardust has already attempted the mobile jump once on the PSP, but lacking the second analog stick made it a bit of a letdown.  This time around SSD proves that two sticks will always be better then one.  At $10 I would say this is a must buy for early Vita adopters.

The compatible PSP library is the last reason why Vita owners should be excited.  After UMD collectors finally come to terms with the fact they’re media is no longer supported, they will see that the Vita is everything the PSP Go should have been.  Not only do Vita owners have a powerful piece of technology in their hands but they also get the benefit of the (limited) PSP library available for download.  Games like Final Fantasy Tactics: The Lion Wars, Disgea 2, Persona 3, and Ys Seven, fans of JRPGs have a massive library to select from.

Sony seems to have taken care that all types of gamers will have at least a few games to keep them happy.  Not only have they listened to their fans cries for a more powerful, dual analog stick handheld, but they have delivered a lineup that makes me feel this may be one of the best console launches ever.

Written by Bryan

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