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Recent news about Nintendo’s announcement of the 3DS release date and price have resulted in an outcry from fans worldwide. Earlier this year when the 3DS was demoed at E3, Nintendo games attendees the opportunity to play the device. Most anyone that got their hands around the portable system were amazed by the 3D graphics that did not require any glasses. Not only that, but the graphics of the system were an obvious upgrade from the DS and DSi.

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At E3 many speculated that the device would be out in Japan by the holidays of 2010. That meant fans would not have to wait long to get this new experience in their own hands. But on September 29th, Nintendo made it’s official announcement, stating that the 3DS would be released in Japan February 26, 2011 at ¥25,000 (~$300).  At that price you can buy a brand new PS3 or Xbox360. Granted these are not portable systems but I would imagine the technology in them is far more expensive.

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These Paid Models Certainly Look Happy With The 3DS

I know that Nintendo often tries to sell it’s consoles at little to no loss, but I think that the PSPGo is a prime example that price can kill a system (I know, the PSPGo had more problems going for it then just price).  Now Bloomberg.co.jp says in an interview with Nintendo’s President, Satoru Iwata, that he blames the high price on the large positive response from E3.  In a sense this is telling the fans of Nintendo that they only have themselves to blame if they don’t like the pricing.

This may not accurately reflect what price the US will end up seeing though.  Game consoles and games often are priced according to markets and Japan is certainly doing better then the US in terms of yen to dollar value.

But if the 3DS does come out with a $300 price tag will gamers scoff at it like they did the PSPGo or will it sell like a new Apple device does for Steve Jobs worshipers.  Personally I am still excited for the device even with the high price, because it means I can experience 3D gaming glasses-free and without the higher price of a new TV.

What do you think?  Does the price turn you off from considering Nintendo’s new handheld?

Written by Bryan

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  2. Hamu-chan says:

    I was excited about the 3DS but it is a bit expensive. Now Im not sure if I’m getting it…….hmmmmmmmmmm

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