A Closer Look At Deimos

Only one more week until the release of God of War: Ghost of Sparta for the PSP.  As Kyo13 mentioned before, Deimos will be an unlockable character in Ghost of Sparta as well as a skin for God of War 3.  On the official Playstation blog, Ken Chan gives us a better look at how Kratos’ brother will look in raging HD.  

Deimos God of War 3

Deimos is not the only character that will be unlockable in Ghost of Sparta either.  Here is a look at some of the unlockables in the PSP game.

Robotos Ghost of Sparta

Looking like a poor job at a Kratos Halloween costume, Robotos will have the ability of increased combo time.  The cost comes at having magic cost more and dealing less damage to your enemies with the Blades of Athena.  I love how every God of Wat has had some comic relief costume after beating the game, because all that raging anger throughout the game needs a cool down.  We may even see this as a real life costume, I’m talking to you cosplayers.

God Armor Ghost of Sparta

All too familiar to God of War fans, the God Armor will actually play a role in the story of Ghost of Sparta.  Ken pointed out that Deimos wears a similar piece of armor in the game.  Does this possibly hint at a major plot point?  Maybe Kratos will obtain the armor from his brother, dead or alive.  We’ll just have to see after next week.  The armor grants you decreased damage received from enemies and doubles the damage you deal with Thera’s Bane.  Enemies will also drop orbs as you hit them.

There are more costumes to check out over on the blog.

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