A Legendary Ghost

God of War Ghost of Spartag

Yesterday was ” All Hollows Eve” and for us who are avid gamers tonight is ” The Eve of Kratos”. Once again we are poised to pick our blades of Athena and slice and dice our way through Greek mythology. For many gamers and Kratos fans this game comes as a big surprise. We were led to believe that GOW 3 was the end of Kratos. But this Spartan won’t die and that’s lucky for us. Early word is that this Ghost of Sparta is one of the better entries in the series and this game aims to really develop Kratos as a character. The question on everyone’s mind will be answered. Why was Kratos so angry that he earned the nickname ” Ghost of Sparta”? I think it’s time we find out and thanks to the folks at Ready at Dawn we will. Kratos has become one of the most iconic protagonist in gaming and this game will make us all understand him better. If you are like me you will be at your local game retailer tomorrow ready to pick up your copy of the latest escapades of Kratos through Ancient Greece!

Written by Kyo13 

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