Another Portable Hedgehog…With Colors

Sonic Colors DS

The blue hedgehog just keeps trying to get back the hearts of the fans that it had so well from the Genesis era.  And as long as Sega keeps making money, Sonic will keep getting more starring roles.  This time of the year we have seen Sonic in more games then I can keep track of.  With the release of Kinect we saw him in Sonic Riders.  Then he had his 2D adventure, Sonic 4,  that was poised to win back the true fans.  And now he will be seen traveling to outer space in Sonic Colors.

The game is coming out on both the Wii and Nintendo DS, and it is the portable version I am more interested in.  Usually these portable versions of games see an incredible amount of content taken out to make the game playable on a weaker system.  But in the case of Sonic Colors, it’s a different game entirely.  It’s another 2D version of Sonic and it looks like it might please those fans that were dying to get their hands on Sonic 4.

Still fast paced like a blue hedgehog should be, the game also has short parts that transform the 2D side view to a top down view.

Look for Sonic Colors on the Nintendo DS in stores November 16th.

Written by Bryan

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