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Monster Hunter Tri Underwater

Many gamers out there know that today is the official release day of Monster Hunter 3 on Wii. This franchise has a gargantuan following in Japan but has failed to capture the masses here stateside. With this third iteration of the game, Capcom is seriously upping the ante with new monsters, weapons and a single player campaign that is said to span over 100 hours. For this game you’ll want to toss your wiimote and nunchuk out and use a Wii¬†Classic Controller Pro as the game was designed to utilize this controller more than it’s motion sensing older brother. This may be the definitive game in this series to date but also on the Wii as the layer of polish on this game has made even Nintendo itself blush. Suffice it to say this is the best looking Wii game to date. So if you are ready to seriously lay waste to some monsters give this game a try as it is sure to be one of the better Wii experiences since the consoles launch!

Written by Kyo13

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