Does More Mean Better For A PSP2?

Rumor has it that this Thursday Sony will be making the official announcement or unveiling of the PSP2 at a press conference in Tokyo.  On the heals of this news we have also heard additional rumors that the device will carry a 3G connection.  With all these supposed features is Sony throwing too many weapons into it’s arsenal?  Is too much of a good thing bad for gamers?

Let me first go over the list of rumored, but assumed to be true, features already floating about for the new handheld.  First we have the highly requested dual analog sticks.  This is a seemingly necessity if Sony want’s to bring as much of the console gaming experience to the handheld.  Nintendo is able to make due with the use of the stylus as a second analog stick, but any game that required camera work on the PSP always needed some stop and aim button combination a-la Portable Ops.

Next we have the touch panel on the back of the system.  This could alleviate the need for squeezing in a second set of triggers (R2, L2).  And it also opens up the doors to other control schemes.  But it may also be hand-cramp central if you are constantly trying to slide your fingers on the back while still holding the system up.

Along with a supposed OLED screen, insiders who said they have already seen the device say it is producing graphics comparable to PS3 or Xbox 360.  This would be amazing to see for a portable game system since all other portables have always been at least one generation behind in graphical capabilities.  If this is true it would seem Sony is trying to bring full fledged games to the device and not just bite sized experiences.  I can see where people may disagree with me here but I feel this was already a problem of the current PSP.  As the system has gotten older it seems as though the games being developed for it have gotten longer and more difficult to play in short spurts.  I rarely play my PSP anywhere outside of my home and that somewhat defeats the purpose of having the letter “P” in it’s name, PORTABLE.  To me that should apply to the games not just the size of the system.

Looking down this list, given everything is true, makes me think Sony may be throwing too much expensive tech into the mix.  It makes the device look more like a hodge-podge of multiple next-gen devices instead of a single new and exciting one.  Nintendo has already drawn the interest of many gamers because glasses free 3D in a portable device is different.  But until we actually get the official specs from Sony, the PSP2 is looking powerful but not new.

That all being said, it is exciting to see what Sony will actually be unveiling this Thursday and should hopefully lead to some competition between the two companies.  I’ll be posting my thoughts and information about the event so check back.

And let me know how you feel about the upcoming portables.  While you be grabbing a 3DS on March 27th? or are you drawn in by what the PSP2 is rumored to be?

Written by Bryan

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