Can A Crafty Mama Save Majesco?

Crafting Mama

Cooking Mama Visits Etsy

Majesco just announced today that it will be releasing a new entry in the “Mama” series called Crafting Mama.  With this new game on the Nintendo DS, you can expect to make your own shirts, design artwork, and sew together tiny Mama dolls.  Hamu-chan has always enjoyed the Mama series so I’m sure this is exciting news for her.

But unfortunately this news is not the only reason why Majesco has been in the press.  It seems that Majesco is having some troubles on Wallstreet.  The company has been given a delisting warning from the Nasdaq stock market if they are unable to raise their stock over $1 in the next 180 days.  But that’s not all,  they also need to keep their stock above $1 per share for at least 10 consecutive days.

Seeing that Hamu-chan is a huge fan of the Cooking Mama series, here’s hoping Majesco can save themselves soon.  Mama to the rescue?

Majesco threatened with Nasdaq delisting, again.

Written by Sam

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  2. Thomas B. says:

    I hope Majesco is able to bring the stock back up. Maybe I should go and buy some stock now while it’s low though.

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