Nintendo World 2011 3DS

Today started the three day conference that Nintendo is holding in Chiba (same location as Tokyo Game Show) and I got the opportunity to test out many of the games being showcased on the new handheld.

Like any gaming event, people queued up and waited patiently for the gates to open at 10:00AM.  There were some dedicated fans that waited over night just to be one of the first to play with a 3DS.  It didn’t take long after I got there for the line to start moving.  After that it was onto the game demos.

The following are my first hand experiences of the games I tried out during Nintendo World 2011.

Kid Icarus: Uprising

A much requested game by Nintendo fans that has was even more sought after when Kid Icarus made his appearance in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.  The promotion video even made jokes of Kid Icarus not getting his chance at his own adventure ever since the NES title.  The demo featured here featured to levels.  The first was an on-rails shooter and controls were very simplified.  The L button was used to shoot and the slider pad was used to control Kid Icarus.  You flew through the skies shooting down eyeballs and flying monsters.  The second stage was ground combat and the stylus was added to control the camera angle.  The 3D effect was surprising as Kid Icarus soared through the sky but it was difficult at first to find the right distance to hold the system from my eyes.  Once I reached the perfect distance objects seemingly jumped from the screen.  Simply amazing!  On the graphics side, this game seems far superior then anything the DS could offer.  But having this game mostly on-rails made it feel like a guided experience.

Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater

Hideo Kojima’s final game on the PS2 is still held as one of his greatest.  The demo showcased here was only a visual demo and did not contain any gameplay, so there is not much to comment on other then the graphics and 3D.  The slider pad could be used to control the camera as Snake infiltrated Tselinoyarsk, a forest in the former Soviet Union, and ended with a fight against The Boss.  The graphics alone were amazing to see on a portable system.  It appears to be close if not better then those seen on the original PS2 title.  Hopefully the game will also control well since there are not two analog sticks on the 3DS.

Resident Evil Revelations

The demo takes place on a rundown ship that is in the middle of a storm.  You control Jill Valentine and much like Resident Evil 4 & 5, you can only walk or aim & shoot, not both at the same time.  The graphics are great and the 3D effects are subtle. Most of the 3D effects are seen when bats or debris come flyting at you from a window bursting open.  Only three enemies were seen during my time with the game so I can’t say much about the gameplay.  I had unlimited bullets but that may have just been to speed along the timed experience.  I only had to unload clip after clip of bullets at the slimy looking monsters before they were dead.  It was nice to see a fully controllable game on the system as so far everything felt limited.

Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition

Every character from the console version was up to the task of being in 3D.  The game comes with a huge can of whoop ass including every feature the console versions have plus new ones that only the 3DS can offer.  If you place the system in standyby it will seek out other 3DS systems while you walk down the street.  If you pass another player your characters will duke it out and determine the winner.  You will then gain trophies depending on who won.  This feature may seem more suitable for the Japanese public where public gaming is the norm.  You can also play over Wi-Fi to allow for global gaming and also a spectator mode.  Moves can be controlled either by the d-pad or by simply taping one of the moves on the lower screen.  I’m really looking forward to this one.

Ridge Racer 3D

Here I was greeted by two models and in fact noticed that these were the only “booth babes” on the show floor.  Unfortunately for Namco Bandai it did not help take my eyes away from the fact that this game was looking poor.  The cars looked like kart racers rather then real street vehicles.  The gameplay was simple.  Get into slip streams and drift around corners to gain nitros.  The 3D effect was also unimpressive and at many points I had trouble holding the handheld in the right spot to get the 3D effect.  This game seems like it could have been put out on the PSP, in fact I feel I already played this game when the PSP launched.

Pilotwings Resort

Much like Wii Sports Resort, the game utilizes the Nintendo Miis you create to be put into the game.  The demo included a biplane, jetpack and hang glider just like the ones you may remember from Pilotwings 64.  Each coarse had you collecting balloons or flying through gates to earn points.  Stages were scored with up to 3 stars.  I actually had to get cut short during the demo so there was more then enough content.  The 3D effect was easy to see and gave a good sense of depth when flying through the sky.  This game definitely brings back memories from the days of N64.

Dead or Alive

Similar to Super Street Fighter IV, special moves can be executed either on the gamepad or by touching the move on the screen.  There was both a VS mode and Story mode included in the demo, the later of which seemed more flashed out then its console brother.  Gameplay was smooth and the 3D effect was subtle.  3D was used more during the cutscenes then seen during the fights.  Every stage in the demo seemed to have multiple levels that oppenents could be knocked down.  The game must’ve been on a super easy mode because I’ve never beaten so many opponents so quickly.  Hopefully for me they keep that mode in the final version.

Steel Diver

Most of the games being showcased were from well known series so it was easy to understand what type of game you’d be playing.  But Steel Diver was a bit different then all the rest.  The game is a submarine game and I was able to play two different modes during my demo.  The first is a side-scrolling mission where the objective is to get into the base safely.  Instead of simply controlling the sub with the d-pad, you must use the stylus to move the accelerator and adjust the depth.  You can also fire missiles forward or upward and activate a cloak to avoid enemy missiles.  This mode moves at a slow pace but when you must jump from horizontal and vertical controls it seems like a good pace.  The 3D effect really wowed me on this mode.  I almost felt like I was looking into an ant farm as the sub traveled through underground waterways.  The second mode involved a first person perspective, looking through the periscope of the sub.  I was confused what the attendant was trying to show me until I realized the camera was being controlled by my moving the entire DS.  This gave the game an almost VR feeling.  You could optionally move the camera with the on-screen controls.  I hope this game is headed for US shores because it was nice to see an original IP against all the other titles.

To sum up Nintendo World 2011, I think Sony is going to have to step up soon if they want to fight the next portable battle.  Nintendo has a strong combatant with the 3DS and will surely sell like crazy when it come out.  In Japan the system is set for February 26th and will sell for 25,000 (~$300).  Hopefully we won’t see a higher price for the US launch in March.

Written by Bryan

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