Move Doesn’t Play Nice With Others (In Japan)

Torne and Move

In Japan, the PS3 can record your TV shows much like a DVR using the Sony device called Torne.  The device came out in March of this year and has been selling like crazy ever since.  According to sales figures the device has sold 420,000 units from April to September.  So that means a lot of Japanese PS3 gamers are using this device.  Well another peripheral was recently released by Sony in Japan, the Playstation Move.  Problem is these two devices don’t seem to get along well.

More specifically the Playstation Eye camera begins to have problems if Torne starts recording during gameplay.  So if you are in the middle of Kung Fu Rider and Torne is set to record your favorite show that’s coming on, you may find your game unplayable.  The Playstation Eye is required to track the Move controller for gameplay, so without it you have not controls.

It all makes some sense, since the device is trying to process so much incoming information at once.  Sony does not list any fix at this time.  So a word of caution to any of our Japanese readers.

Written by Bryan

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