New PSN Title ‘Rochard’, Just Your Average Hero

How do you make a super hero out of an average miner with a mustache?  You refer to him only by last name.  John Rochard is the main character for Recoil Games upcoming PSN title, Rochard.

Starting off as just an everyday space miner, John and his crew stumble upon a strange ancient artifact hidden within an asteroid.  Before he can come to grips with the fact that mankind is not alone, his crew goes missing and space pirates begin attacking the mine.  This sets our average John to take his role as Rochard.

Recoil Games has put together a game that has a mix of puzzle, platforming and action all in a 2-D side scrolling style.  The artwork seems to have a strong influence of Team Fortress 2 or even the recent Monday Night Combat on XBLA.  And given that TF2 is the work of Valve it’s even more interesting to see the main weapon of the hero Rochard.

You manipulate the environment and travel around the level using a G-Lifter aka Half-Life’s gravity gun.  But even if these were the inspirations for the developers, it all seems to be adding up to what looks like a great game.

Rochard is headed exclusively for the PSN this spring and is looking to “push the envelope of new and original titles on the PlayStation Network”

Written by Bryan

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