Nintendo Steals The Show!

Nintendo 3DS

The big three have all had their time on stage and undoubtedly one company ruled them all. Despite numerous rumors and leaks regarding the Nintendo 3DS, the big N came out in full force and shocked the gaming industry to its core. Not only does the hardware look amazing and sound like it will be capable of some incredible things, the real shocker was the software line up. From all over the industry some of the biggest game developers and publishers have big plans for the new handheld.

Nintendo 3DS Closed

The biggest shock of all for me was a remake by Kojima Productions of MGS: Snake Eater, something no one saw coming. On top of that Capcom has a new Resident Evil on the way and Nintendo itself has a remake of the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, to this day considered one of the best Zelda titles ever. The only thing the gaming public is now clamoring for is the price and release date of 3DS. It looks like we all have a lot to look forward to in the next 12-15 months as many cool things are coming down the pipeline for gamers. Now if I can just get that PSP2 announcement I will be in 7th heaven.

Written by Kyo13 

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  1. Tabris says:

    Nintendo’s showing really was impressive. The only real hiccup was the Zelda glitch, but the sheer onslaught of game announcements was truely impressive. I think my current rankings are A for Nintendo, B- for Sony, and C- for Microsoft. Taking it a little further, EA got a B from me for a pretty impressive line up, and Ubi got a D, if only for the fact that they introduced a breathing simulator.

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    • Kyo13 says:


      I couldn’t agree more with you. I really felt Nintendo stole the show and made everyone else look bad. As for Sony & Microsoft I was really surprised by what they had. Especially Sony who I felt had some major announcements to make and instead had nothing impressive to show. Microsoft I felt was no different then Sony because when you think about it they really had nothing shocking, outside of the ridiculous price of the motion controller($149.99 is insane).

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