PAX East Boston Indie Showcase Winners

The results are in for this years Boston Indie Showcase at PAX East and the top 3 have been chosen.  The three games chosen are Blinding Silence by Team Uncertainty, Smuggle Truck by Owlchemy Labs and Snapshot by Retro Affect.

These games are being given the opportunity to be exposed to thousands of gamers as well as press, something that can be very difficult for such small studios.  It is also great to see PAX give these chances to local game developers.  It not only shows Penny Arcade’s devotion to its fans but also to the people who make the awesome games we all love to play.

Each game in the showcase is unique and they all look to deserve their top spot from their trailers alone.  You can play a demo of both Blinding Silence and Smuggle Truck on their respective sites.  Snapshot will have a demo coming soon.

I am looking forward to trying out all three of these titles and look back during the PAX East event for coverage on these and many other exciting games.

Written by Bryan

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