PAX East Live Blog Day 3


Final day at PAX East. Stay tuned here for our Live Blog of Day 3 at the Penny Arcade Expo.

4:10pm Almost done with every thing at PAX. What an amazing three days it’s been. So many games to test out. Tons of prizes and swag. And best of all it is all designed for you, the gamers. If you missed out on PAX East definitely jump on PAX Prime when tickets go on sale. Well that’s it. I’m heading to the cheesecake factory to wait on yet another line. ¬†Check out the swag.


3:45pm Solved a little trivia puzzle they had throughout the convention center. There were signs hung up all over and each one was for a different game. Take the first letter from each of the eight games and it unscrambled into another game. Gave us an entry into a raffle……Hint: the answer was Bioshock

3:30pm The Behemoth, makers of castle crashers, have the best art style for these arcade style beat-em-ups. Looking forward to their upcoming titles.

2:20pm Great lunch with Palette-Swap Ninja’s Dan and Jude. Check out their site for more info on their parody music.

1:15pm So MIT has been running a little experiment during the past three days of PAX. Basically you join one of four teams that are named after a fiction gaming disease. You are tasked with infecting the masses using stickers. There are several tiers to pass each with more objectives like taking pictures and recruiting more infected. Not sure what the experiment will tell them other than, gamers will do ANYTHING for free stuff.

12:10pm I love Hamu-chan. We both won skate decks at the Skate 3 booth by tossing our skaters through the air and racking up over 80,000 points in bodily damage. Don’t worry, its just a game.

11:20am Monday Night Combat looks like a mix with Team Fortress and Mutant League Football. By Uber Entertainment it will be down loadable on Xbox Live.

Monday Monday Monday!

10:45am Last day of PAX is like chaos. Trying to get into any panels require waiting in line almost an hour prior to the start.


10:15am Free copies of Lord of the Rings Online signed by the developers. If your here see the Turbine booth.

9:30am Stomach full of yummy breakfast. Heading to the final day of PAX East 2010.

Written by Bryan

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  2. Hamu-chan says:

    YES! I got the Skate Deck and Im so proud of myself since I do not even own the 360.

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