CES 2012 Sony Press Conference

Today Sony is holding their press conference at CES 2012 and there may be some new info pertaining to the Playstation brand.  Check back here for information as I will be updating any relevant gaming news that heads our way.

9:00PM – and will a song from Kelly Clarkson that’s it. Now much info on the Playstation front. Not much of a surprise being CES.

8:45PM – A new trailer has premiered for the new Men In Black movie. Will Smith (the actor, not Tested.com) is on stage and delivering a lot of unrehearsed lines. Its always refreshing to her someone act somewhat less like a robot on stage during press conferences. But it sounded awkward for the audience.

8:36PM – Between cameras, music players, and video recorders, Sony has a lot of products coming out this year. Still waiting for any additional gaming news.

8:23PM – Now comes out Sony’s new Experia phone, the Ion. Looks like a great device with 12MP instant photo camera but it will only be on AT&T, sad for me.

8:19PM – Now for the gaming info. PS Vita will have Netflix day one when its released in the US.

8:17PM – A new app for the PS3 called PlayMemories will allow for you to view, edit and share photos “almost like a game.” We’ll see if I use that anymore then the photo feature already on the system.

8:15PM – Lots of new information concerning the Music Unlimited service.

8:07PM – Kaz Harai now out on stage.  Sony Entertainment Network will be the new all inclusive service for all Sony connected devices.  Movies, music and games will all be accessed with a single user ID.

8:02PM – Howard Stringer is giving the usual data points on all the games, movies and Sony products that are sold and viewed worldwide.

8:00PM – The conference is starting.  Images of Vita are being flashed on screen.

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