Attack of the God of War Clones!!

Attack of the Clones GOW style

I think it is safe to say that most PS3 owners are eagerly awaiting the conclusion to Kratos’s epic romp of revenge through ancient Greece. As a big GOW fan I have played the demo and I can’t wait to lay the smack down once and for all on Zeus. But as the title of the article reads January to March 2010 is going to feature many GOW clones.Early on we have Bayonetta/Darksiders and then Dante’s Inferno. Now the saying  “if it aint broke don’t fix” comes to mind here. The theme of all these games is to build on what GOW has done for the action genre. First of all, in order for these games not to be utter copies of Kratos, they need to set themselves apart. Let’s look at each game on it’s own.

Bayonetta: This is the newsest creation from famed Devil May Cry creator (let me emphasisze that he had nothing to do with DMC 2 YUCK!) Mr Hideki Kamiya. Miss Bayonetta is quite easy on the eyes but don’t take her sex appeal for granted. She will end your life faster then you can blink. Bayonetta is sleak and she uses her magical hair as a weapon to stomp and crush her foes. This game is more reminiscent of DMC then GOW but, it is an action game coming out on the heels of GOW 3.

Darksiders: Now I had the pleasure of seeing this game and playing it before it even hits the shelves. Mr. Joe Madureira of Marvel comic book fame is the creative mind behind the concept and art. As the story goes War, one of the four horseman, starts the end of the world prematurely and he gets blamed for the whole thing. Now when I played the demo it was not complete but handling War was easy enough and his massive sword was fun to swing around and crush people. Also you are able to interact with the enviroment and litterly say pick up the closest car and bash some one with it.  The game has got me very excited and I am hoping to smash everything in my way come the begining of January 2010.

Dante’s Inferno: This game is based on the devine comedy written hundreds of years ago. Having played the demo I really enjoyed what I played so far. The story seems very interesting and the action is a lot of fun. Of all three of these games I have the most questions about this one. But if EA can polish this game up before the middle of February then we should be in for treat.

All three games have a lot of potential but for them to truly be great they need to do more then just copy GOW. Kratos will finish his journey in March but maybe gamers have three new heros to look forward to this year, and if all goes well we could have three new franchises in the future. In today’s game market it is very hard to set yourself apart from the competition. If you can take the best from one game and combine it with a new unique perspective then you might actually succeed in starting a new franchise.

Written by Kyo13

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