Playstation Network DOWN! UPDATE 2

Seems like Sony is having some trouble today. Earlier today I attempted to play my copy of Heavy Rain which I had already played 2-3 hours of. I noticed that I was not able to log into the PSN to check my friends trophies but thought it may be just a problem with my ISP. But I was surprised when I attempted to boot my game that I was presented with a message that my trophies could not be loaded and to restart the game. My PS3 then forced a reboot to the XMB. On further examination I noticed that my trophies I had already received for Heavy Rain were now missing!!! Dun Dun Daaaaaa!

After several attempts to reset my modem and router I headed to the playstation forums only to see this

Playstation Network Down

Emergency, Emergency!

It looks like many of the links for on forums are broken.  We have not yet received any official word yet if this is widespread across all users but it seems rather strange.

I hope my trophies come back when this is all figured out.  In the meantime let us know if you are experiencing any issues in the comments.

UPADATE: Sony announced on Twitter that “We’re aware that many of you are having problems connecting to PSN, and yes, we’re looking into it. Stay tuned for updates.” The problems seem to occur with the Older Models of PS3 and has reverted the date to 12/31/1999.  This error is apparently also happening to owners who are offline.

UPDATE 2: Kotaku is reporting that users are able to play their games as normal now.  It appears the internal clock problem has fixed itself, no firmware update required.  I myself have tried this and it appears my 60Gig launch system is working perfectly…. Except I still do not have my trophies back from Heavy Rain even after syncing with the server.  We’ll see what other official statements Sony makes.

Written by Bryan

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