Portal 2 Shooting Portals To The Clouds

Portal 2 will, slated for release later this April, will be getting some interesting features for those that purchase the game on the PS3.  Valve has designed the game to be fully integrated with their Steam so that your game saves can be uploaded to the cloud and you can hop from PC to PS3 on the same game.  In addition, gamers will receive a free downloadable copy of Portal 2 for Steam on the PC when they purchase the game for the PS3.  This is an amazing first in trying to integrate the two platforms.

Nowadays many games exist on both PC and PS3 or Xbox360 and to have the ability to take your game saves with you, let’s say on your gaming laptop, when you go on a trip sounds great to me.  It’s still unclear if Xbox 360 owners will get the same options but seeing from Gabe Newell’s comment “We made a promise to gamers at E3 that Portal 2 for the PlayStation 3 would be the best console version of the product,” it seems unlikely that the Microsoft camp will see the same features.  If true, this may piss off a lot of gamers since Portal has seen more focus on the Xbox 360 in the past.

I am still interested to see how they will handle trophies with this console jumping ability.  Unless you keep logged into the PSN network while on your Steam account, I can’t see how Sony will track your progress and unlock the trophies accordingly.  Either way this is a huge step in making games more travel friendly and opens the gates to PC and console gamers.

Written by Bryan

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