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Because When Else Can You Use A Mini Me Reference

The PSP debuted several years ago and during that time Sony has released several newer updated versions of the portable gaming device. While each new version of PSP improved on the last one, the most important thing never seemed to change. The games on PSP have never lived up to their DS counterpart. For every one great game on PSP, the DS has 10 great games. Developers for what ever reason ( fear of piracy, lack of the second analog stick) have never warmed up to PSP. But with the release of PSP go Sony started releasing Minis for the PSP. These small wonders are cute little games that cost about $4.99 and can be downloaded to PSP. You may ask yourself for $4.99 what kind of game could I get. Well in fact you can get some really good games. I so far have downloaded Age of Zombies, Hero of Sparta, and Monsters probably stole my princess. Each one has been extremely entertaining and in fact I was so hooked on Age of Zombies I literally stopped playing anything else until I beat it. Not every Mini is worth your time and money but if you look at reviews for each little title, there are definitely some diamonds in the rough. Sony finally has some software worth investing in the PSP. Combine that with digital comics (Kick-Ass is highly recommended), their movies and tv shows for download, and your PSP rivals Ipod touch. Especially when you factor in the games that do make it to the PSP from the big game developers. Minis have caught my eye and if you own the PSP or you are pondering whether to buy it or not, consider that Sony now has many nice little Minis to offer you on that long car trip or airplane ride.

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