Sit Sam is Headed to Japan

In case you didn’t hear on our last podcast, Hamu-chan and I will be headed to ‘the land of the rising sun’ starting next week.  Since we will be on the move for a good part of three weeks, you may not see the usual amount of content.  But we will be featuring the sites and gaming scene in Tokyo, Japan. We’ve already gotten a few requests for topics to cover.  If there is anything your interested in having us post on the site, put it in the comments here and we’ll see what we can do.  We will be hitting up the arcades, perusing the local game shops, and having our eardrums blasted by the sounds of 1 million Pachinko balls.

Most of our traveling will be within Tokyo so please keep your requests focused around that area.  Until then have a Happy Holiday everyone!

Written by Bryan

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