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Not to be 1-upped by Microsoft, Sony had a few big surprises of its own today at E3.  From games, to 3D technology, to the NGP.

First off was a sincere apology from Jack Trentton for the PSN outages.  As everyone is aware it made a lot of companies lose a lot of money and consumers lose some faith in the security of their network.  But both Jack and Kaz were good at addressing the mistakes and not making light of it.  I am not surprised that they went this route and I think they handled it perfectly without having to ask for forgiveness.

Sony quickly moved into the massive amount of games that will offer Playstation Move gameplay either as exclusives or added content only in the PS3 version.  Games like Bioshock Infinite and Resistance 3 will offer Move support and specific the latter will offer a Sharpshooter bundle for $150 with all the necessary peripherals.

Uncharted 3 was demoed with a new campaign level featuring a sinking ship.  There were stealth elements, action, and some QTE moments.  But overall it looks like it will have another excellent story and a high level of detail in the environments.  They also announced a multiplayer beta available on June 28th and a partnership with Subway to get the full multiplayer mode (not the beta) early before the game’s release.

Sony, obviously looking to sell 3D to you at every waking moment, wants you to own a 3D TV.  So they announced a Playstation branded 3D capable TV that will come in at 24″ for $499.  The TV will come bundled with Resistance 3 but also comes with special features.  Because 3D technology involves the interlacing of two separate images, gamers can use this TV to play Vs. or Co-op games and see two entirely different screens.  Think of this as an alternative to the split screen gameplay.  Now each player gets a full screen and doesn’t see what the other player is doing.  The additional 3D glasses for this TV will cost $69 which is also not bad.  I do not own a 3D TV but my hesitation with this is with the screen size.  Is 24″ big enough for 3D to matter?  I would rather see a 46″-52″ TV like this.

Sony flashed videos of other exclusives like a new Sly Cooper games, inFamous 2, and HD remakes of the PSP God of war games.  Nothing here impressed me much because it was either old news or just…unimpressive.  But then came the NGP.

NGP is no longer the name.  The official name is the PSVita (pronounced Vee-ta).  Say what you will about the name, it is most likely here to stay.  I personally hate it, but just like the Wii, in time it will roll of the tongue.  Uncharted for the PSVita was showcased first.  The controls can go from standard dual stick to touching the screen back, however you prefer to play.  It was obvious that this will be their system seller if it’s available at launch.  The colors popped and the gameplay was smooth and detailed.  I still don’t think I will be using the touch controls much but I’m glad I have that choice to make.

Also on the PSVita was Mod Nation Racers with all of its user creation tools.  The touch panel here came into a lot of use but a very visible delay was shown when dragging your finger around the display to lay down tracks.  Whether this is a hardware issue or a software/developer issue remains to be seen, but it didn’t look like the same problem was there for the Uncharted demo.

Capcom had a big announcement to make during the event.  Street Fighter X Tekken will be available on the PSVita and will include Cole MacGrath from inFamous as a playable fighter.  The game was show playable and looks better then I had imagined.  One thing I did notice though was there were no life bars on the screen, but that was probably just because it was a press event demo.

Finally the news everyone wanted to here, the price.  There will be two versions of the PSVita.  One will have Wi-Fi and 3G and will be tied up with AT&T (god save us all).  Then there will be the Wi-Fi only version which I will be buying because I don’t want to be tied to yet another data plan and monthly bill.  The 3G version will cost $299 and the Wi-Fi only will be $249.  I have to congratulate Sony on matching the 3DS price here because I honestly thought the system could not go lower then $300 (for any model).  I think Sony is taking a lose on this portable but it needs to happen if they want to get it into gamers hands.

In the end there was no new God of War announcement but I would give the whole event a B+ to A- depending on your interest in portable gaming.

Written by Bryan

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