Sony’s Redesign That Worked


Sony is back in the game and finally made a smart move. With the new slim design of the PlayStation 3 and the drop to the sweet sound of $299.99 I think this puts them back in a good spot to roll with the competition. Hopefully this will equate to more creative titles and new IPs.
First off let me say how much I enjoy the new look of the system. While it’s sad to know the shiny George Forman esque system is now a piece of history, the new “slim” has an appeal that made it fit perfectly in the bedroom. Also making me happy is that it’s sucking up nearly half the electricity of the previous design.

Overall I’m very happy Sony made this move and hope this pricedrop leads to more competition and better games for us all.

Anyone else get the new system? Let us know in the comments.

Written by Sam 

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  1. Vlad2156 says:

    I love the new Ps3 design but can’t believe they are discontinuing the old one. I was almost positvive sony was gonna milk this like they are the psp.

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