The Makers of PAX Have Spawned A New Child

It is no doubt that one of the most enjoyable video game conventions, if not the best, is the Penny Arcade Expo (aka PAX) that is held each year.  Since the first PAX was held it has grown so large that the organizers created the east coast version PAX East to help satisfy gamers everywhere.  Now the minds behind the best expo are focusing their love to the people who make all the amazing games.

This year will see the first PAX Dev, an offsite convention for developers only that will be held two days before PAX Prime.  The idea came about from the developers themselves asking if they could hold a small gathering while they were all in town for PAX.  This expo will give developers a chance to focus on just games, away from all the insanity that can ensue on the floors of the main show.  No press, no fans (unless they are also developers).

I love this idea and again only shows how much Jerry, Mike and the rest of their crew love this community.  If you are a developer then definitely jump on over and register today.

Written by Bryan

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