The Other M

Samus Aran

I am one of those excited fanboys waiting for the release of Metroid: Other M.  It definitely has my interest peaked since this is somewhat of a return to the 2-D gameplay of older generations. Yesterday, the Japanese Nintendo Channel released a sneak peak into the story of the new game being developed by Team Ninja.

Thanks to Hamu-chan we have some translations for you.  The opening scenes introduce some troopers that Samus seems to know.  But Samus does not appear in control of her own bounty mission here as the commanding officer tells her “Follow my orders, I’m in control here.”  The game looks like it will be more story driven then other Metroid games by building these human connections.  Other points of the trailer seem to give a urgency to the mission as if everything is on a countdown timer.

While not much is revealed from this video, it is one of the first glimpses we have gotten of the story.  All I know is this will be a day one purchase for me.

Written by Bryan

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