The Polls Are In On Motion Controls

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The results are in and our readers have chosen the Playstation Move as their choice for motion controlled gaming.  After my own experience with the Move I am not surprised by this.  The Move creates a very precise experience that feels less like the waggle experience on the Wii.  This does not necessarily translate to better games, that’s up to the developers.  My hope is that developers will create more “on the couch” experiences and less “jump around the room” experiences.

While I have yet to try out the Kinect, my general impression is that without controls in your hands you will always have to “jump around the room”.  As shown by Luke Plunkett on Kotaku, there are also other problems with room space and setup involved with the Kinect.  Playstation Move also requires the same space from the television but it all seems less intrusive.

The other fact is that our readers are more happy with their Wii before considering the Kinect.

Congrats to the Move for winning this round.

Written by Bryan

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