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Ghost of Sparta

Rejoice, that is the word that comes to mind today. It is truly a great day for gamers everywhere. That’s actually PS3 gamers I mean, because today we received a gift from the Gods! Anybody by now who played GOW3 knows about what earning the special Platinum trophy got you. You received a website link. When you visited the site all we were treated to was a rainy screen and a countdown clock in the upper right hand corner.

Spartans Stand Tall

This is what you used to see.

Finally today we know that Kratos lives on. GOW: Ghost of Sparta is the next game in the franchise and I must say, thank the gods! At the end of GOW3 it is left to you the player to ponder what will happen in the future. Would there be another game in the series? I for one could not stand the thought of never playing as Kratos again. He is one of the most iconic protagonists of our time. He is someone we all can relate to and frankly when Stig Asmussen said that a GOW game every 2-3 years would be bad for the series, I beg to differ. If your telling me I can step into this series every few years I say “Hell Ya!” I want to be Kratos as many times as possible. So Rejoice, as we now know that Kratos lives (technically the game is a prequel, but hey I’m euphoric over this announcement).

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