Valkyria Chronicles II DLC

I always wondered why a game like Valkyria Chronicles for the PS3 decided to make it’s sequel a PSP exclusive, but that didn’t stop SEGA from making a great game.  The sequel, Valkyria Chronicles II landed in the US with reviews around 8.5/10 and has built up a strong following.

Well fans of the series should be happy to hear that today SEGA has released a big DLC pack for the PSP game on the Playstation Network.  Adding another 22 missions to the main campaign, this set proves to be more challenging then the previous levels.  It includes several different types of missions including assault, interception, and escort so it should keep gamers happy with the title for awhile longer.

You can download the DLC for $4.99 and the full game has been available for digital download for $39.99.  I may check this one out over the Thanksgiving break during pass-out session after turkey.

Written by Bryan

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