Assassin’s Creed And MGS Get Mixed Up Again

Remember when Metal Gear Solid 4 ran an April Fools joke and showed Solid Snake running around in Altair’s outfit?  Remember then how everyone was surprised it wasn’t a joke?  The developers of MGS and those of AC have continued to show their love for each other’s games again. This time around in Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood we get not one but two instance of MGS reference.

First was the announcement of Raiden being an unlockable outfit for Ezio.  By completing all the VR training missions you can dress up like your favorite cyborg ninja.  But there is also an extra easter egg within the game’s story.  For those familiar with Metal Gear Solid, the cardboard box has become a staple hiding spot for Snake.  Just prior to your first encounter with Leonardo da Vinci, Ezio here’s someone whisper to him from behind a stone wall.

When you walk around to the other side all you see is a glowing cardboard box, indicating a mission objective is part of the box.  I thought somehow Snake was going to jump out and the whole virtual world was going to collapse, then Hideo Kojima’s voice would come through the speakers revealing I was really playing Metal Gear Solid 5.  But alas, Leonardo surprises Ezio from behind and the box has nothing to do with anything.  I love easter eggs in games but even more so when I don’t need to go searching for them far outside the normal gameplay.

Written by Bryan

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