Assassin’s Creed II Review


When I first started AC2 I wasn’t sure what to expect. For those of you who have already stepped into the Animus you know what I mean.
The first game left a lot to be desired and suffered from repetitive tasks and an overall feeling of this game could have been so much better! Anyway you join AC2’s leading man Ezio Auditore at his birth. Ubisoft decided to do away with the strong silent type and go in an all new direction. Ezio is a fun loving class clown and in the first 1-2 hours of this game you really get to know him well. I instantly enjoyed being Ezio and learning about him. Of course this is Assassin’s Creed and not a dating sim so you had to know at some point things would go wrong.

Ezio is swept up in a plot of deceit and mystery and his father and two brothers are murdered in front of him. Fast forward a few hours in and you are now an accomplished Assassin hellbent on revenge. I must say that once you don the cape and cowl you are in for alot of fun. Ezio’s movements are precise and fluid. All the clunkiness from the first game has been fixed. Kudos to Ubisoft for realizing running up a wall and then darting off in the other direction to your death was no fun at all. And of course the biggest problem of all was fixed. Ezio was taught to swim at a very young age and now he is a grown up Assassin who can kill and then leap into the water to escape. Okay just kidding about him learning to swim but no joke water is no longer your enemy.

The tasks in this game are far more enjoyable than the first game and you are not asked to kill on every mission. You will find yourself trying to win a golden mask in Venezia as well as recovering documents in Firenze. Another thing that I loved about this game was your partner in crime Mr. Leonardo DaVinci. He translates codex pages, builds flying devices and improves your arsenal. He was a great addition to the story and the overall game experience. The portions of this game devoted to the true main character, Desmond Miles (who I won’t go into depth about) are boring. He isn’t all that interesting and he moved funny in my opinion. Here’s hoping that they DON’T make a game based entirely on this guy.

I can assure anyone who played the first game, if you felt they missed  the mark a few years ago, you have nothing to worry about. This game is one of the best I have ever played and I felt the need to play this game every night until I had beaten it. Ezio is a remarkable character and as a gamer just like you, I have rarely felt as close to a character as I did with him. Oh and a parting shot on the graphics, well let’s just say if you never stepped foot in Italy, ACII will make you feel like you have. They recreated Italy circa 1476 in a way once thought impossible in a video game. Congrats Ubisoft!!!

Written by Kyo13

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