Bring A Little Joy To Some Sick Gamer’s This Christmas

The Holidays are a time for celebration and enjoying the joy and happiness with family and loved ones.  For many gamers it also means getting those games that you may not have been able to afford all year.  But there are some kids that may be spending the holidays in a hospital room without the joys of opening that brand new video game Christmas morning.  That’s where Child’s Play comes in.  The organization was founded in 2003 and has been putting smiles on young gamer’s faces year after year.  Just last year they collected over $1.7 MILLION! in donations from other gamers around the world just like you and me.  And that’s where we come in.  I would like to help contribute to this cause by pointing to you a great idea already in place.

CheapyD (aka David Abrams) owner of Cheap Ass Gamer has been running a Child’s Play raffle for the past several years and this year he has outdone himself.  For every $5 you donate to the Child’s Play fund you will receive one raffle ticket into the prize pool to win everything!  When I say everything I mean literally every gaming console on the market worth over $2000 and a gift card from Play-Asia for $500.  He is a very generous man and that’s why I feel it is important to bring as much attention to this as possible.

By using the Chip In widget here you can donate money directly to the raffle or you can visit his site directly here.  Make sure you donate through the widget in order to get credit and your entries into the raffle.

We shouldn’t need a reason to donate, especially during the holidays, but it doesn’t hurt to get a little something in return for a good deed.  So please join me in helping those out in need and also tell your friends and family about this generous raffle that CheapyD has put together.

Happy Holidays.

Written by Bryan

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