Capcom’s Suprise Reveal “Street Fighter X Tekken”

Street Fighter X Tekken

Capcom had made a statement after this years E3 that they had one big announcement they were saving to show at Comic-Con.  People debated whether it would be a new Darkstalkers game since that series has not seen a new release since it’s PSP debut.  What fans were not prepared for was what Capcom actually had up it’s sleeves, Street Fighter X Tekken.

Here is the reveal trailer.

There has always been two sides to the fighting genre.  There are those that prefer the fireball throwing 2-D moves of the Street Fighter franchise.  And then there are some who prefer the 3-D gameplay of Tekken.  Now the two will finally rest in one game.  From the gameplay (seen below) it looks like this will remain in the 2-D plane, which is no surprise seeing that it is being developed by Capcom.

It really makes me smile hearing the uproar in the crowd as the audience is seeing all of this for the first time.  I think this is why I wish less games were leaked so much and got the chance to surprise fans like this one did.

So how excited are you for this? Are you on Team SF or Team Tekken?

Written by Bryan

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  1. Hamu-chan says:

    Awsome! I am a fan of both SF and Tekken(well, mabe I like Tekken a little more….) This is very exciting news!

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