Dante May Be Emo But He’s Still A Badass

After the initial announcement of Devil May Cry there have been mixed emotions from fans concerning devil hunter Dante’s new character design.  Ninja Theory has always come through in terms of story telling and fast action gameplay, so I have a good feeling that they won’t disappoint me in this new installment in the DMC series.  But others may not feel the same after seeing their cocky badass hero get an emo makeover.

Those feelings may begin to fade away after seeing this new Dante in some action shots.  Capcom has released some new screenshots along with a little more info regarding the story.  Dante will be not only be fighting resident enemy’s in Limbo City, but he will also be fighting the city itself.  Buildings will morph into monsters, most likely only to find themselves at the end of Dante’s sword.

Other screenshots showcase one of Limbo City’s bosses, like the one above which appears to be a queen maggot demon.

Another possible enemy appears as tall as a skyscraper and bound by chains.  Here’s hoping that boss fight is more than just a bunch of quick-time events.

After looking through the different weapons featured in these screenshots it’s easy to make some comparisons to God of War or Castlevania, but that’s not surprising knowing Ninja Theory’s portfolio (I’m looking at you Heavenly Sword).

Written by Bryan

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  1. darktooth3 says:

    hey i resent that dante is no emo hes a rocker think about it he loves rock his favorite thing to do is eat pizza and fight thats the definition of rock in my book and in dmc3 his favorite weapon has a female demon in the form of a guitar and the attack was rock solos but i will hand it to you that version of dante does look emo

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