Dark Void Swag Alert!

The Swag

Today we got a suprise in the mail.  We have been accepted to spread the word of Capom’s upcoming game, Dark Void. 

Our little gift came in an ordinary envelope with little indication that it came from a game company.  But upon opening it, we were supised to find a small treasure trove of Dark Void swag. 

The first exciting thing to find was that we were now the lucky owners of a 1Gig USB stick.  Seeing as my old one just crapped out this will be getting a fair share of use. 

1Gig USB

The USB stick is painted in a bronze/gold color.  I’m not sure if this is to match the game’s main character design or to give it an retro feel given the game’s timeperiod.  Upon connecting it to my PC I found the USB was not registering.  A couple of attempts later and my PC finally decided it wanted to be friends with Mr. Dark Void stick. 

Next two things to fall out were some stress bombs.  Once were realized the grenades were duds they were given a good squeeze test. 

Stress Bomb!

After playing a quick game of fetch, our next suprise was the signed artwork.  At first Iwas a little skeptical that the signatures were actually real and not just printed on the paper.  But since we recieved two copies of the signed artwork we were able to compare and see the subtle differences in the same signatures.  It was a pleasant suprise and will be my first piece of signed gaming periphinalia I’ve ever had. 


The final piece in the package brought back memories.  This iron on logo of Dark Void reminded me when I was back in high school and me and my friend would make our own shirts with iron-ons we printed out.  While admit it’s a clever way to gain more advertising by having people walk around with the game’s name tattooed on their clothes, I can’t see myself taking the time to make one of these.

So that brings us to SitSam’s first contest Giveaway.  If you would like a piece of gaming history, post in the comments of this thread.  Two lucky members will be chosen at random to recieve their very own Iron-on Dark Void.

Good Luck.

You can check out more about Dark Void here at the official website.

Written by Bryan

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