E3 Rumors and Speculation

The big event is only 2 weeks away and everyone is throwing in their guesses as to what Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft will be announcing at this year’s E3.  We already know that Nintendo will be revealing their next console but what will it look like and how will it’s games play?  News of Starhawk and PSP remastered games has come out for Sony but do they have more up their sleeve?  And what about Microsoft and the future of Kinect and Halo?  Lot’s to speculate so let’s get started.

I’ll start with the big fat elephant in the room, Nintendo.  We all have heard that the console will supposedly be more powerful then the PS3 and Xbox 360 and that it will have a HD screen in the controller.  But what about the current generation of motion controlled gaming.  Will Nintendo leave behind the Wiimote, thus eliminating the chance for backwards compatibility? If the leaked images of the console are to be believed, then it looks like there is no disc drive to accept discs.  This would mean no playing Wii games (at least in their retail format) and possibly a new proprietary format like a solid state card.  My biggest fear for Nintendo though is to not have a first party title for the likes of Mario, Zelda, or Metroid to be available at launch.  The 3DS was a big gamble for them this year but had a relatively slow start due to not having any killer titles at launch.  If they make the same mistake with this new console gamers may just continue to hold out for Sony and Microsoft.  My prediction is that Nintendo will have a playable version of a Mario game on the 3DS and also have footage of a Mario title/ tech demo on the new system.  FYI the supposed leaked Wii2 developer footage has been confirmed to be fake.  It was a student project to make a viral video.  Guess they succeeded.

Sony is up next and they have the most at stake for this year’s E3.  Having their online service hacked and offline for approximately a month has not been good for their PR.  While the “Welcome Back” offerings have been more then I expected, it may not be enough for the rest of the gaming community.  Starhawk and PSP remastered games are exciting to read about but are quickly becoming old news.  My guess is that the NGP will have to take center stage to distract the mob.  More playable games on the console will be a plus but they big news I would love to hear is the price.  With everything Sony is claiming this system can do, I can’t imagine it being cheap.  But if they attempt to take a lose and can get the starting price down to $300 I would be very pleased.

The last of the three is Microsoft.  With some much effort put behind Kinect, I have a strong feeling we will be seeing a long list of upcoming games announced for the motion sensing camera.  And from the looks of the press badges, there may be a certain Spartan making a reveal also.  This could just be for the Halo remake or an entirely new game.  Without much else to go on I feel as though Microsoft’s press conference may be the least exciting this year.  Here’s hoping I am proven wrong.

Every year when E3 hits I go into information overload, refreshing webpages and reading every bit of information feverishly.  This year seems like it will be no different and that’s a good thing.  I hope I never live to see the day when game announcements are no longer exciting.

Written by Bryan

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