Happy New Year In Japan

Akemashite omedetou gozaimasu, or in English, Happy New Year!  Hamu-chan and I are in Japan and we have been enjoying the New Year by taking advantage of all the great sales. In Japan the first few days in the new year can be compared to Black Friday in the states.  All the local stores send out advertisements the day before in the newspaper, showing the early bird specials that they offer.  Hamu-chan’s family were interested in buying a new HDTV, so when they spotted one at the local electronics store (Joshin) at the low price of ¥39,000 (~$475) we found ourselves waking up early to wait in line, “Black Friday style”.  The stores usually have a limited quantity of the “door-buster” deals so just like in America it’s important to get there early.  Fortunately for us there were only 5 people waiting in line when we got there, so we got what we wanted and went on our merry way.

Many of the stores also offer surprise bags or “fukubukuro” that have some random items from that location for a lower price then the total.  The surprise bags can be a gamble if you are a picky shopper, but restaurants also offer their own bags which make for a great deal if you want to try some new foods.

Some of the great deals we spotted today for games were for the Nintendo DSi and the PSP.  This is probably due to the fact that the 3DS is not that far from release and maybe the PSP2 will be coming soon.  We will be traveling to the Nintendo World 2011 on January 8th to try out the 3DS for ourselves and giving you our first-hand opinion.

Written by Bryan

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