Holiday Gamer Gift Guide

Ho Ho Ho! It’s that time of year again and you know what that means, it’s finally time to catch up on the massive amount of games that flooded the market.  But on top of that you may be scratching your head trying to figure out what to get that gamer in your life (or what to ask them to buy for you).  Don’t worry folks because we are putting a list together of our top gamer gifts to fit your budget.


Accessories:  You may have waited in line for hours outside of Best Buy during Black Friday to snag a new console, but did you remember to get all the accessories to help extend the joys of gaming.  This is where you can ‘stock’ up on the stocking stuffers (that one hurt a little inside).  Need an extra controller? Xbox 360 or PS3 controllers can be had for under $50.  Got a gamer friend that also likes a good read? There are a slew of books, in the analogue and digital variety, that won’t break the piggybank.  Books like The Ultimate History of Video Games or Arcade Mania! by Kotaku’s Brian Ashcraft (featured here) are two title’s in my personal collection that I have enjoyed.


For other ideas that are more likely to be wrapped up and sitting under a Christmas tree, you can turn to more unique items.  Does the gamer in your life spend multiple hours glued to the TV screen with their eyelids seemingly stapled open?  Then they may enjoy a pair of Gunnar eyewear (and their retinas may thank you too).  How about that iPad wielding friend that may consider their tablet the only gaming device they need?  You can bring the joys of buttons too them with the iCade arcade cabinet from Think Geek. It’s case magically transforms your iPad into a joystick equipped tabletop cabinet.


Looking for that must have item that will have your gamer squeeling like a 5 year old?  Then maybe you need to get them a pair of wireless surround sound headphones.  There are many options to choose from in this category but for those that own every console, then the Turtle Beach PX5 are the headphones to cover all territories.  Working with both PS3 (via bluetooth) and Xbox 360 (via direct controller connection) you can chat up a store while still enjoying 7.1 surround sound.  There are even programmable settings to change the audio environment, one which allows only footsteps to be heard (perfect for multiplayer games).  Is there a traveling gamer in your life?  Then the a PowerBag will keep all their gadgets at full strength while keeping them neatly organized on the go.  Each PowerBag comes with a removable/rechargeable battery that can charge your laptop, smartphone, tablet, portable console or whatever you can connect to a mini or micro USB.

It has a charge indicator on the outside

Hopefully this helps fill in some of those gaps on your shopping list this holiday.  If your still stumped the best bet is to ask them.  Chances are there’s a game or gadget they weren’t able to pick up.  And if your budget is too tight this holiday, the best present of all you can give is more free time to get in some gaming.  Maybe they’ll even enjoy some co-op play.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Written by Bryan

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