Is There Anything Ms. Splosion Man Won’t Do?

The upcoming sequel to the entertaining action-puzzler ‘Splosion Man will feature his female counter part much like Ms. Pac-Man followed the footsteps of her beloved. Ms. ‘Splosion Man will contain much of the same exploding hilarity with the addition of a new gameplay mode the developers have been coding as 2G1C.

If you have not gotten the joke yet then please, please do not try to search for it on google, the results may horrify you.  The acronym really stands for 2 Girls 1 Controller and players will be able to control two Ms. ‘Splosion men (?), one for each analog stick, and each trigger will trigger their corresponding explosions.

Given the direction that Twisted Pixel is going with the joke, they have also started posting reaction videos to people playing the new mode.  It’s good use of an internet meme (that some may want to forget) turned into advertising.  Friday will be the big finale.  Hopefully it doesn’t end leaving a bad taste in my mouth.  What!?

Ms. ‘Splosion Man is due out on XBLA later this year

Written by Bryan

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