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Before the internet gave some kid halfway around the globe the ability to pwn you in Halo, the multiplayer experience thrived in arcades in America.  People would stand around one arcade cabinet of Street Fighter 2 or The Simpsons Arcade, waiting to get their turn.  Personally I can remember only two games that I would religiously play any chance I got.  The first was the previously mention Simpsons Arcade and the other was X-Men Arcade.  So that’s why the news from NY Comic-Con has me screaming for joy like a 7 year old boy on Christmas morning (Nintendo 64!!!!!!!)

X-Men Arcade Gameplay

X-Men Arcade was had a special charm to it because some versions of the cabinet would allow up to 6 Players to chase after Magneto and the other X-Men villains.  Being able to take control your favorite comic book hero (Wolverine was always the first one to be taken) and beat the living crap out of countless enemies with your friends was a dream come true.  And having six characters to choose from over the traditional 2-4 in other beat-em ups gave the game extra appeal.

As I watched the trailer from NYCC I waited for that one catch that was going to dash my dreams.  But then the words “6 Player Drop-In Online Multiplayer”  came across the screen and my hopes were saved.  It’s happened too often recently that an old-school beat-em up would be released on PSN or XBLA and they would make it local multiplayer only…*cough*Scott Pilgrim*Ahem*.  Sad as it is, most people in the country don’t just live next door to their friends and have the ability to hop on one couch to play a game.  So having this feature in a game that thrives on co-op multiplayer is a must.

X-Men Arcade The Blob

I can’t wait to relive all those childhood memories of ripping through sentinels and pounding The Blob as Wolverine.  Sorry for whoever plays with me because I already have my quarters up on Weapon X.

X-men Arcade is being published by Konami and coming to both the Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network this Fall.  No price has been announced at this time.

Written by Bryan

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  1. ropes says:

    The 360 version of the game has 6 player multiplayer, while the PS3 version has 6 player offline and online.

    I have only played the 4 player version, but I can only imagine how fun the 6 player version is.

    TMMT was 400 points worth at least 800 points
    Marvel vs Capcom 2 was 1200 points
    1200 points is a given since it is that good

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