Max Payne 3 PAX East 2012 Impressions

At this year’s PAX East 2012 I got a chance to play part of the single player campaign in the upcoming Max Payne 3. Fans of the first two Max Payne games know that the series has been no stranger to over-the-top nonstop cinematic action. That hasn’t changed here, and if anything the action has been brought up to a whole new level.

It’s obvious that the game has been designed with bullet time being the core feature. The small portion I played of the game had me constantly pitted against large groups of enemies. Try to run-and-gun them down and you’ll be easily taken out in a matter of seconds. But by utilizing the bullet time and shoot-dodging abilities, you can quickly take every enemy out before they even know what hit them.

Using the in-house RAGE engine and Natural Motion’s character behavior system, Max moves and reacts to his environment in a very lifelike manner. Pressing up against walls or bumping into objects during lunging shots will cause Max to put his hands up to block the full impact. This plus the combination of enemies naturally reacting to shots taken make you feel like a god playing as Max. ‘Kill cams’ have also been upgraded so that when the final enemy is taken out in a zone you can control the speed of the bullet and camera angle, setting up the perfect cinematic action shot.

As for the story, little was given away. We know that Max is now in Sao Paulo, Brazil after accepting some private security work. Protecting a wealthy industrialist, Rodrigo Branco, and his family, you soon are sent on a mission to rescue the kidnapped trophy wife. But the story goes much deeper than a simple kidnapping, just not far enough to find out here.

This game shows all the signs of being at the top of many gamer’s wish lists and all of this is without even mentioning the amount of content they have in store for the multiplayer modes.

Max Payne 3 will be out on May 15th for consoles and May 29th for PC.

Written by Bryan 

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