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Peace Walker and Rising...But What's Next?

For many years now Hideo Kojima one of the top minds in videogames has said that he would stop making MGS games. With that said MGS:Peace Walker was just released and I am eagerly awaiting E3 to hear any news about MGS:Rising.
Peacewalker, still starring Snake (well really Big Boss), is the latest entry in the series and hopefully will bridge the gap between the events leading up to the original MG when the Snake we know and love battled Big Boss in Outer Haven. All signs and reviews are pointing to this game being a big hit.
MGS:Rising will be a first for the series when snake is replaced with Raiden, the new main character (Hold up this sounds very familiar like maybe this has been done before?). Raiden is now all tricked out in his cyber ninja suit and the game is rumored to occur prior or during MGS4. Most people hated Raiden in the past, but he has since redeemed himself in MGS4, so I am excited to kick butt ninja style.
This all begs the question, besides these two games what else is coming down the pipeline in the MGS series? Being a very big fan of Mr.Kojima (So much so that I will be meeting him in NYC for the second time tomorrow), my early bet is that the next announcement will be that the orginal MGS will be remade and we will go toe to toe with Big Boss himself. This is pure speculation on my part, but my fingers will be crossed.

Written by Kyo13

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