Microsoft E3 Press Conference News

Microsoft has kicked off the start of E3 with their press conference and had a lot to show.  Some news was more exciting than others but in the end there was very little on the surprise end.

First off Microsoft announced a bunch of additional features coming the the Xbox interface or the New New Xbox Experience (I can barely remember the old system).  A mix of Kinect operated controls, like entire system voice search, to new applications, like you tube and live TV.  Live TV has been a feature other globalb regions have seen on either Xbox or PS3 but never in the US.  Bing will be the key to giving you voice controled search.  Just like Sony wants to sell you on 3D to upsell it’s TVs, Microsoft is pushing the upsell of Bing to seemingly increase it’s awareness and usage.

Next was a showcasing of many new Kinect games, one thing people knew was coming but unsure if they would care.  The debate is still on whether you should care about the games, but I would argue you should care about the tech.  Updates to the software handling Kinect seems to now let you play games sitting down and possibly better body recognition.  Hopefully they have gotten to my biggest complaint of the slight delay in response seen in many of the launch titles.  Games announced or shown in more detail include; Star Wars, Sesame Street, Dance Central 2, Kinect Sports 2 and Fable: The Journey.

Then there was the Xbox Exclusives, the power hitters. Of course there was Gears of War 3, Cliffy B demoed gameplay from the campaign.  I am most excited for this part over the multi-player since it will involve some massive sized fights against the Locusts.  Minecraft will be coming to Xbox, which I have absolutely no interest in.  Possibly this is Microsoft’s way of getting their own Little Big Planet but I feel the experience is better contained at a PC.  And then there was Halo.  No, I’m not refering to the Halo 1 remake, which they did show with new remastered co-op content.  It was rather Halo 4 that ended their conference, teasing it as a new trilogy where Master Chief is reawoken by Cortana.

Overall it’s hard to give a score to their presentation until the other two have their for comparison, but on it’s own I would rate it anywhere from a C+ to a B- depending on whether you like Kinect or not.  If there is anything to note it is that Xbox is the console that has stretched itself across the most areas of entertainment, giving value to those that use it all.

Written by Bryan

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