Ms. Splosion Man Busts Out July 13th

Much like Ms. Pac-Man was the successor to Pac-Man, Ms. Splosion Man will be giving fans of the 2009 “Best Original Game for XBLA”  Splosion Man a reason to smile again.

It’s hard to call this game a sequel when it contains so many new game new game elements over the original.  It’s hilariously named “2 Girls 1 Controller” mode lets players control two splodin ladies each using a separate analog stick.  To imagine how challenging this may be try holding a pen in each hand and drawing two circles at the same time.

You’ll also get the chance to race through new environments outside of the basic lab facility and fight huge boss battles.  But the thing that gets me most excited about all this is simply knowing it was developed by Twisted Pixel, who has never failed at making me laugh.

Ms. Splosion Man will be available for XBLA on July 13th, hopefully she won’t cause any blackouts when she gets out.

Written by Bryan

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