New Add-on for The Gunstringer is a Game Changer

Twisted Pixel has had a history that has been easy to follow.  With so many great titles coming out of their doors, it’s hard not to hear their name being dropped among the gaming crowd.  The latest release The Gunstringer was not only their first Kinect title, it was also their first boxed retail release.

Officially announced today is the newest content add-on for the Kinect shooter, Real Big Shootin’!  More than just additional levels for the  gun slinging marionette, the gameplay is more akin to an old shooting gallery.  You are tasked with “going up against “Mad Dog” McDog who is out to slander your good name as the quickest draw in the west.”

The download comes with 4 Acts and several challenges per Act.  You can play turn-based co-op in trying to take down the strange assortment of enemies, like jet-pack minions, dynamite bombardment, metal dudes, and flying cows.

And you won’t have to wait long because this download will be available tomorrow on Xbox Live for 240 Microsoft Points.

Written by Bryan

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