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Back again for another heapin’ helpin’ of PAX East goodness.  Again we’ll try to cover each step of our day and give little insight on the games that we see.  Check back here to get updates on Day 2 of PAX East 2011.

8:50am – Getting some coffee to energize for another exciting day.

9:10am – Tried out some of the AR for Nintendo 3DS. Comes packaged with the system and gives a good feel for what the system has to offer. The 3D effect was used to make the table appear to sink in and a dragon exploded out of a hole. Other demos used the gyroscope to look around the rrom for monsters that were created from peoples faces you take pictures of.

9:45am – Watched a playthrough of Eden for Xbox Kinect. A trippy game reminiscent of Rez. You use your hands for targeting and firing your shots. You can lock onto multiple enemies at once and fire homing shots or shoot a rapid fire beam. The demo ends with a giant boss that looks like a floating cherry blossom.

10:00am – Played the exclusive demo of The Darkness 2. The game is a hugte improvement over the first one allowing you to dual wield guns and tendrals to defeat your enemies. The demo was about 20min and gave a brief intro to the story. I’ll comment more on it later.

Red Faction Armegeddon Kid Scream

10:30am – Red Faction Armegeddon has a huge mech suit display that you can actually stand in. Great for photos as you can see from the kids expression.


11:00am – Met with the makers of the Mimobot USB sticks. Saw the line of Star Wars and Batman Sticks as well as some exclusive limited edition sticks including the first appearance Batman. Stick designs are made both through community contests and in-house designers. The sticks also come loaded with files to customize your computer with your new Mimobot.

12:00am – Played a little bit of the line of Serious Sam indie games. A collection of small games available on multiple platforms; android, iPhone, and Xbox Live.

1:15pm – On a cosplay photo spree. Check out all the pictures in the flikr stream, or in the Cosplay contest page posted later next week.

2:30pm – Tried out Xtendplay for Xbox 360 and PS3. The controller attachment aims to make the controller more ergonomic for long play sessions. The material is made out of a lightweight material and its odd shape allows for easily resting it on your chest.

3:30pm – Great selection of Tabletop games here.We’ll have to sort through these to see what makes the cut to add to my collection at home.

6:00pm – Had to sacrifice a lot of panels this year at PAX due to schedules but managed to squeeze on line for the Antique Video Game Roadshow. Should be good for some laughs and a some memorable collectibles in video game history.

6:30pm Starting up the Antique Video Game Roadshow the panel will calling up members of the audience. I’ll go through the list of items and evaluation as we run.

Panel consists of Chris Kohler (, Frank Cifaldi (, and Mike Mika (Halo 2600). Mike has been working on collecting and posting unreleased games from the past, most famously the english version of the original FF2.

1st item – Game & Watch systems. A Donkey Kong II and Super Mario Bros. Edition. These are what made Nintendo big before everyone knew them for the NES. Bought by the attendee when they were originally sold. They may remind people of the more recent Nintendo DS design. Estimate is at $40-$60 a piece.

2nd item – Panzer Dragoon Saga for the Sega Saturn. The game did not have a lot of copies produced. It is a 4 disc game, each one is in a paper sleeve. A great condition game will retail for about $200.

3rd item – Kazi Kuri is an import game for the PC Engine (Japanese Turbo Graphix 16). Hard to find game worth about $60-$70. Also brought up was Saphire import game also for the PC Engine. Very advanced for the system at that time. The game can run about $2000. Found amazingly on ebay for about $50 but is unfortunately a counterfit because many were made illegally. The colors are off on the CD insert. The biggest giveaway is a plastic strip that you tear away is not low enough on the side.

4th item – The Nintendo Powerglove. If you remember the movie The Wizard this is what Lucas used to play his games “To the Max”. The case is official and may have been a promotional box. Looks like a rare package. The glove itself is in good condition and would probably retail for around $50-$100 but because the package is so unique and rare would be around $300. Attendee only paid $20 for it.

5th item – A prototype game Dracs Night Out for the NES is possibly only one of two coppies and is a complete game with no credits. There are no markings on the cartridge. The attendee got it from a neighbor who was a developer. The game has been uploaded and backed up but also created counterfits on the market. Possible value of about $400-$600.

6th item – Raiden Project for the PS1 but with an insert misprint. The game was found in a gamestore and is hard to value because the demand is not really known. The game would be more valuable because its just in a tall box.

7th item – Dan Amrich has Bible Adventures, Spiritual Warfare, and the King James Bible for use on Game Boy. He likes to collect contraversial games and known for their PR disaters. Spiritual Warfare is a Zelda clone but you play as Jesus. The games are without the boxes except for the sealed King James Bible which could sell for $100-$200.

That’s all for the live show.

9:00pm – Catching the end of the Omegathon. Today’s event was the game that can make tensions explode, JENGA! The crowd is roaring with excitement as the first three teams switch off between pulling blocks.

9:20pm – Team two advanced the first group and the next three are up. New rules added to speed things along and add to the suspense is after 10 seconds the block you touch must be pulled. This should be an olympic sport.

9:30pm – Video Game Orchestra finally on and excellent as always. Playing songs from Final Fantasy, Zelda, Halo and MGS: Snake Eater. Huge Success.

What another awesome day. We’ll back tomorrow with the final day of PAX East.

Written by Bryan

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