PAX East 2012 Live Blog Day 1

Sit Sam is back again for another year of PAX East.  Stay tuned to this page throughout the day to get updates from the show floor.  We will attempt to cover as much as possible and will post more in depth features later.  So keep hitting that refresh button and ENJOY!


7:30AM – Waiting outside in the fridged cold to get into PAX East on Day 1. Loyal PAXers are getting excited to check out games like Borderlands 2. Many a 3DS can be seen in shaking cold hands.


8:30AM – Booths are still busily preparing to setup before the onslaught of gamers arrives. We will be heading in about 30mins.


9:20AM – Got to check out exclusive gameplay for ACIII. Unfortunately no photos allowed here but the game has renewed my interest in the Assassin’s Creed series. A lot of work has been put into making the movement through the trees and environments feel fluid and natural. More on what I saw later…Rope Dagger!

10:15AM – Checked out Max Payne 3 single player campaign. The game has been worked from the ground up focusing on the bullet time that everyone knows and loves from the series. No auto health regens here, you need to down painkillers to stay alive.


11:30AM – Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor looks like it will get me back to motion controlled gaming. The game lets you use both the controller and Kinect controls to do everything from commanding your crew to popping out the hatch and blowing away the enemy. More on the demo later.


12:45PM – There are some elaborate booths here. Trying to decide if Borderlands 2 or Aliens: Colonial Marines takes the win.

2:00PM – Got to play Bloodforge, part of the Arcade NEXT series of games on Xbox Live Arcade. This game has many attendees surprised that it’s a download only Arcade title. The game seems to have a Darksiders/ God of War action feel. Definitely looking forward to checking more out later this month when it hits the Marketplace.


3:00PM – Heading over to an SquareEnix event off the show floor to check out Kingdom Hearts 3D, Sleeping Dogs and Theatrythym Final Fantasy.

5:30PM – Getting out of the SE event, too much info to list here but here’s a brief synopsis. Hitman: Absolution is shaping up nicely. A demo showing two playthroughs; one stealth and one gunning action. Got to play an open world portion of Sleeping Dogs which has a deeper emotional story than I was expecting. And finally Andrew got some playtime and an interview for Kindom Hearts 3D, which will be posted up later.

6:00PM And that’s it for today folks. Day 1 has all been a blur but we have more focused interviews lined up for the next two days. Check back for in-depth articles on today’s events later today.

Written by Bryan

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