PAX East 2012 Live Blog Day 3

It’s the last day of PAX East and we’re going to try and see as many of the booths we missed on the first two days. Believe it or not, there are so many twists and turns here that it is easy to miss an entire row of booths. So here we come you tiny under-appreciated booths. Keep refreshing to get updates throughout the day.

10:30AM – Interview with George Rothrock Business and Product Development for Playdek, publisher of the recently announced Nightfall for iOS.

11:30AM – Just wrapped up the interview with George. Audio to be posted up later but the insight into Playdek and the transition of Nightfall to iOS was great. After playing Ascension, the additional attention they’ve paid to the online matching is nice.


12:30PM – Got some time with Steel Battalion. Capcom is using the Kinect the way it should be used, as an accessory to the main controller and not the only control method. Even though there is no longer the massive physical unit you remember for the original, having you motion for all commands inside the mech make you feel like your in the action. You get the precision of shooting with the gamepad and the engaging features of Kinect, all working smoothly. Have I said already I can’t wait for this game?


1:15PM – This game caught my attention on my way to the free-play tabletops. Super Time Force from Capy is an 8bit style sidescrolling shooter with a rewind element. You are given a team of characters, each with different abilities tasked with correct historical events. When one character dies you rewind and play through with a new character. But your previous soldiers ghost still replays up to it’s death adding a multiplayer element to the single player game. If you can save your teammate before he reaches his death again you gain a life back. It’s coming to Xbox Live Arcade hopefully later this year.


2:30PM – Had to check out what Fire Hose Games was cooking up this year. Loved the Tetris/tower defense gameplay of Slam Bolt Scrappers and their new title seems to be just as fun. Go Home Dinosaurs mixes more traditional tower defense or “barbecue defense” with the space management tower defense strategy. You buy cards each round which you use for building your defense, each with a specific shape you need to fit into the best position possible. The game was so good that the kid in the picture was back to play it everyday of PAX. Might be the youngest gamer at PAX East 2012. The game will be out on Chrome later this year.

3:00PM – Interview with Therese Jansson from Arrow Head Games Studio, artist working on The Showdown Effect.  Arrow Head’s previous work was with Magicka and their new game is take a step away from fantasy and setting it’s sights on 80’s action flicks.  Therese was very proud to show off one stage of the game, set in the mean streets of Tokyo, Japan.  The game is a 2D sidescrolling deathmatch where up to 8 players can hunt each other down using weapons from machine guns to frying pans.  Therese played against me and I have to say my only advantage was that I interviewed her at the same time.  The game will be coming to Windows and Mac sometime late this year.

4:00PM – The day is almost done but I managed to find this over at the Nintendo booth.

Thanks everyone for another exciting PAX East.  I had a blast and I hope everyone at home enjoyed the posts.  I will be getting features up over the next week so check back for more features on all the events and games we saw.

Written by Bryan

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