PAX East Keynote Speaker is Jane McGonigal

This year’s PAX East will be kicking it off on March 11th with a keynote from Jane McGonigal. In addition to having a resume as a game designer she is also a game researcher and holds a PhD in Performance Studies from UC Berkley. Her keynote will address how games and gamers will make the world a better place.

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Jane McGonigal

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to gain a little insight into where she is going with this topic, Jane already gave a talk on The Colbert Report last night. There she talked about how games are being made now that revolve around curing cancer, solving global warming and helping developing countries teach it’s people how to run their own businesses. All of this is the topic of her book titled, Reality is Broken: Why Games Make Us Better and How They Can Change the World.

Quoted from PAX

We can bring our love of games to our real lives… unlocking our natural ability to be more motivated, more optimistic, more curious, more collaborative, more determined, more resilient and more ambitious,” said Jane McGonigal. “We can play games to practice being the best version of ourselves. We should celebrate that and find ways to be a gamer in our real lives.

We will be heading to PAX East again this year and hopefully will get a chance to meet up with Jane to gain more insight into her views of gamers and out real life future. In the meantime you can order her book on Amazon.

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