PAX East Live Blog Day 1

Live BlogHi Everyone,

Keep tuned into this page for updates on our PAX East travels.  This will be the spot to get our Live Blog feed.

10:30pm Back to the room to wrap this day up and get these photos online.  Check back tomorrow for Day 2!

9:45pm Finally got inside, met a nice couple while waiting in the frigged cold air. Got inside, ate and left.  I only saw Totilo on the way out, surrounded by 20 something gamers.  Oh wells…

Bowser, your not suppose to play with your food.

7:30pm Heading to the Kotaku meet-up. Phones almost dead so all updates will be later tonight.

7:10pm Sorry Larry, But this panel did not go the way I was planning.  I may have excused myself early.  BaDaBaDaaa Waaaaaa

6:50pm Panel running late, lines moving slow.

6:30pm Twitter and the Twitter-verse panel. Starting to feel gaming overload…or maybe it’s just the migraine talking

5:05pm Shank is going to be a great beat-em-up when it comes out. Art by creative director Jeff Agala

Shank You!

No, Shank You!

4:400pm Onto some classic gaming. Brings back memories…why did I sell these systems?

King of Kong

3:30pm check out the panel post Here.

3:00pm Heading to Wombat’s panel, I know I’m missing the keynote, but I’m more concerned about content rather then celebrity status.

Sorry Wombat, best picture I could get.

2:50pm Entered an alienware contest. Some strong hardware built into those laptops.  I was a bit scared by the hired help though.  I wasn’t sure if they were watching me or not with those sunglasses.

The Cake Was Not A Lie!!!!!!

1:15pm Heading to wait in the long ass line. See you on the inside.

Lines Lines Lines

11:00am tweetup is over. Heading back to the hynes center. RED LINE.  Met this guy on the train.  He said the hat was made by ShadowintheNight @ Etsy  (Sorry can’t find the user…if you are this man let us know in the comments.)

The Blue Bomber

10:00am Intial meet and greet ended. Look later tonight for pictures or check out the flickr feed on the main page.

9:35am MajorNelson is hear finally…not so bad. Usb memory support for Xbox 360 announced. Special sandisk branded version april 6th.

8:30am. At the hotel, heading to MajorNelson’s Tweetup

7:45am. Heading to PAX, traffic on the Mass Pike….blah

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