PAX East Live Blog, Day 2

Keep tuned into this page for updates on our PAX East travels.  This will be the spot to get our Live Blog feed.

6:30pm Exhibit hall closed. Just waiting for panels now.

5:40pm Played XboxLive Arcade title Limbo. A dark puzzle adventure that portrays a eerie feel by using few colors. The character moved slowly as if always floating but the art style and puzzles are where the game will win gamers over.

5:15pm While waiting for my phone to recharge I’ve been listening to these awesome tunes being played by DJ Cutman. Definitely a good mix of 8-bit music and techno/rap. Check him out if you get the  chance.

4:30pm Demonstration of Just Dance for the Wii. It’s a party game where you use the wiimote while matching the on-screen prompts. The game is already on sale and after watching the demonstration I can now understand why it’s been a top seller for its first weeks on sale.

Just Dance

4:00pm Cosplay is getting more rampant today. We will be posting a Cosplay post later tonight with all pictures of the many great costumes…See Photos Here

3:30pm Played Bit.Trip Runner by Gaijin Games. This game has a reminds me of Canabalt flash game, but it mixes music with every jump and item collected so when you play well it sounds nice. And it should because the menu and credits are played by Anamanguchi.

Bit.Trip Runner...Sorry bad quality photo

3:00pm Played “Slam Bolt Scrappers” by Fire Hose Games. Fun mix of puzzle blocks, tower defense, and fast paced multiplayer. Will definitely look foward to this release.

Slam Bolt Scrappers

2:40pm Crackdown 2 is going to be fun but please please please, add some variety to the in-game announcers voice. Orb dropped and Orb picked up gets a little annoying the hundredth time in one rocket tag match.

Orb Captured!

2:00pm In line to play Crackdown 2…..Orbs!

1:30pm Saw gameplay demonstration of Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sands. Looks good like the PoP trilogy but the female announcer seemed too interested in the Prince’s muscles…

Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands

12:35pm Post later about what the results were for the 10 Greatest Games. Update Here.

11:15am Got into the Fox Trot panel….barely. He showed a bunch of his comics. Funny but nothing new and revealing. Now waiting for Stephen Totilo ( and N’gai Croal (Hit Detection, Edge Magazine) talk about the 10 best games ever…decided by another game.

The 10 Best Games...Game

10:20am Pissed as hell right now. This is unorganized chaos. I waited in a line this morning that enforcers told me was to get in for the panel I wanted. Then they said “Nope, wrong line. You need to queue up AGAIN! In the main hall…Day One all over again.” Now I’m waiting in another line and told I might not get in!!! Mother F****

9:00am Time to get some breakfast and head to the convention.

Written by Bryan

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